After VIR win, Magnussen sets sights on COTA


Circuit of The Americas, TX (Friday, September 16, 2016): Following a dominant weekend which included the overall win at the last round at VIR, Jan Magnussen and Corvette Racing head to Texas for the penultimate round of the 2016 championship.

After starting on pole, Magnussen and teammate Antonio Garcia charged to victory in Virginia but the battle ahead looms large in Texas at the Formula 1 venue which does note particularly suit the Corvette.

jan_pole_VIR_16_007The Danish/Spanish duo have won here previously in Texas and the pair intend to push as hard as possible to do their utmost as Corvette Racing aims to claim the driver’s, team’s and manufacturer’s championship.

The Texas weekend is unique with both the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the FIA World Endurance Championship racing at the same track on the same weekend.

After yesterday’s practice sessions, Magnussen and Garica will have one final session at 9:10am today to improve the C7.R before qualifying at 4:10pm.

Tomorrow’s two hour, 40 minute race will go green at 11:35am.


Circuit of The Americas

European Time
FRIDAY, SEPT 16, 2016
3:10 pm – 4:10 pm
Practice #3 – IMSA (All Classes)
10:10 pm – 10:25 pm
Qualifying – IMSA (GTLM)

2:00 pm – 2:20 pm
Warm Up – IMSA (All Classes)
5:35 pm – 8:15 pm
Race – Lone Star Le Mans

US Time
FRIDAY, SEPT 16, 2016
9:10 am – 10:10 am
Practice #3 – IMSA (All Classes)
4:10 pm – 4:25 pm
Qualifying – IMSA (GTLM)

8:00 am – 8:20 am
Warm Up – IMSA (All Classes)
11:35 am – 2:15 pm
Race – Lone Star Le Mans

Friday, September 16
4:45 p.m. – 6:15 p.m. (Live) (IMSA App)

Saturday, September 17
12:30 pm FOX Sports 2 and the IMSA mobile app will feature live streaming coverage of the WeatherTech Championship qualifying and the race outside of the USA.


Jan Magnussen Q&A

Q: How was the car on track in the first practice sessions?
JM: “I don’t know that this track really suits the Corvette as well as a place like VIR. In the past we’ve struggled a little bit here. We’ve had a win, but that was more down to circumstance and a little bit of luck. In general, I think we’re going to struggle a little bit here. It won’t be the fastest car but we probably be fighting for the top five, hopefully. It’s a beautiful place. A fantastic, modern facility but I like the old school circuits much better.
Q: How have the kerbs changed here since last year?JM: “Yes, they put some exit curbs in which should stop us running off the exit of the track. Last year was good fun when there was no track limits because it got to the point of how much can you get away with! I mean it is better.
“Track limits are the way to go. We had one session now, we got a feel for the track, we got a feel for how close you can get to those curbs and stuff like that. It’s kind of greasy and there wasn’t a lot of grip, both cars struggled a bit. We’ll change that and see if we can make some headway.” 


Q: What’s it like out there in the heat and will the temperature play a factor?

JM: “The heat for sure will play a factor but the cooling in the car is pretty good. The A/C system in the seat and the helmet really works well when you’re out there. When we get out of the car we’re sweaty but you don’t really feel it when you’re driving because you have the air moving around you. When you get out you realize how hot this place is. I think we have a good system that helps the drivers a lot over a long stint.”


Q: Does it actually feel hotter when you are out of the car?

JM: “For sure! When you’re sitting there you have all your gear on ready to go out, it gets super warm and then you get in and you really feel the effect of the A/C system. It’s nice.”


Q: How big of a boost was that for you and Antonio to have such a strong weekend at VIR?

JM: “It was fantastic. Everything worked. Mistake free weekend. We were fast the whole time. It was a good race for us. We’ve struggled a little in the middle of the season. I think we started off really strong, we just didn’t have that little bit of luck that you need which put us in the wrong places at the wrong time.
“Daytona and Sebring were pretty obvious that we were in with a shot of winning but different circumstances took us out of it. It was nice to be back on top and getting an overall win was pretty cool. An overall pole was really cool.
“I don’t think that’s on the cards this weekend, unfortunately. But we’ll try. It was great for the whole team. For the 3 car team, it’s been a tough year so far so to be able to get a win and a win like that was fantastic.


Q: How was your last race back home in the Danish Thundersports Championship?

JM: “Last weekend we went up to Norway. We have one round up there every year. Fantastic track. Lots of undulation, a really, really cool place. Unfortunately, we were there with 300 drifting cars so the track was in a pretty poor shape, lots of rubber.
“But it was a fun meeting. I had pole position. The first race, I had to help my teammate a little bit to try and get some points to close the gap in the Championship and that worked out, he won.
“In our second race, my teammate blew up in front of me. I didn’t hit the oil that he put down but he kind of spun across the track a little bit so I had to go through the grass and it filled the radiator up with grass and I had to come in and clean it out.
“Then in the final I got back up to third, which is good. There’s a mathematical chance for me to win the Championship, there’s one round to go, but it would take somewhat of a miracle for me to win it so we’ll just go there and try and win the race. That’s next weekend.”


Q: You are racing here this weekend, Kevin is racing in Singapore, but could we have another Magnussen about to start his career?

JM: “My seven-year-old son Luca started karting and he’s having a good time with that. It’s fun going to track and seeing him learning and enjoying it and getting himself in trouble.
“It’s fun to get to do that all over again and to stand there and watch and see a kid super happy about getting to go karting. For me personally, there’s no plan for him, at all, other than him and I having some fun. He wants to do it, we want to do it so we’ll spend whatever weekends that we’re not racing over here or in the DTC, we’ll spend with him and having him race.”


Q: What does his big brother think about it?

JM: “His big brother is a big supporter of him karting. I told Kevin and my older brother that whoever buys Luca the first go-kart buys all the go-karts. Nobody seemed to care, my brother bought it.”