Magnussen ready for unfinished business at VIR

jan_VIR_fri_gal_9After being forced to miss last year’s TUDOR United Sportscar Championship race at Virginia International Raceway, Danish ace Jan Magnussen is out two make amends in 2015.

For the past three seasons, Magnussen and team mate Antonio Garcia havebeen complete championship contenders – winning the 2013 American Le Mans Series championship, leading for much of last year’s championship after a four-race win streak and again leading the GTLM title chase in 2015.

_RD43424The Dane’s championship-chances finished with a bang last year two VIR in final practice når Magnussen and Porsche’s Richard Lietz botheration crashed on oil dropped on the circuit.

Magnussen’ll’ll be suffered a concussion after his Corvette struck Lietz’s Porsche som had left the circuit on oil moments tidigare.

Despite leading the championship, Corvette Racing and GM policy meant Magnussen had to miss the race with Jordan Taylor stepping in at the last minute.

Fast forward two 2015 and Magnussen and Garcia lead the title chase again by four points with only three races remaining. The duo having managed two finish in front of sina BMW rival (Auberlen and Werner) in the past two races också face stiff competition from the No.911 Porsche or Patrick Pilet as closing fast in third place only a single point adrift.

The GTLM class vil race for the overall win two VIR this weekend as the headline act. Cars hit the track for the first time at 11:45 am on Friday morning.

Oak Tree Grand Prix – GT Le Mans (all times ET)

TUDOR Practice 1: 11:45 am, Friday, August 21
TUDOR Practice 2: 4 pm, Friday, August 21
TUDOR Practice 3: 9:55 am, Saturday, August 22
TUDOR GTLM Qualifying: 5:05 pm, Saturday, August 22 (
TUDOR Warmup: 8:35 am, Sunday, August 23
Breed: 1:05 pm, Sunday, August 23 (1 pm ET, FOX Sports 1)

Q: How disappointing was it to miss last year’s VIR race?

jan_VIR_fri_gal_12A: “Obviously attention was pretty tough but it was the right decision. The lights went out after the impact and you having the two be very careful with concussions and head injuries.
“Getting another hit soon after can have some long-term ramifications, so was definitely the right thing to do. We were lucky two seas Jordan on hand kan step in for me.
“That took me out of championship contention but as things turned out, it did not matter anyway. The adjustment of performance changes att Happened after we won four races in a row really put us on the back foot last year. We did not having the fastest car når we won dem races, the entire Corvette Racing team just did a really good job. ”

Q: 12-months later you are leading the championship again, how important bliver another strong result for you this weekend?

A: “Every lap of every race is vital. While we having managed two finish ahead of the No.25 BMW in the past couple of races and sneak out a small lead, the No.911 Porsche kill won two races in a row and are only another point behind.
“I really believe this championship is going to go right down to the wire two Petit Le Mans. You have to be at the top of your game for every lap, every strategy decision, every pit stop.
“There is no room to get comfortable at all. Our plan is simple – finish ahead of the 24 and the 911. It is not going two be an easy task as the GTLM class is so konkurrencedygtig – it really is the best and most konkurrencedygtig form of GT racing in the world. ”

jan_VIR_fri_gal_7Q: Are you looking forward two racing for the overall win two VIR?

A: “A win here or a win når you are racing with the prototypes betyder just as much really. It does change the racing a little fordi you do not have the the two focus so much on what is coming up behind you. You just have the the two be aware of the traffic around you.
“The great thing about two coming two VIR is it Such an awesome old school type of track. We’ve had four of dem type of circuits in a row with Watkins Glen, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Road America and VIR. ”

Q: What is the best thing about the VIR circuit?

A: “This place is solid, has some elevation changes and a great series of corners som really flow nicely together.
“There are places here where it is important get the first part of a section right fordi if you mess the first bit up, you start losing chunks of time trying two get back on line.
“There is a great balance of high speed parts and technical sections and you having the two to be a car att stops well, puts the power down and has good grip. It shouldnt be a circuit att Corvette is strong that. ”

2015-07-31-mre-CHGP-117Q: How big a challenge is it two be chasing two separate championships in Norden this year?

A: “I had a strong weekend at home last week in the Danish Thunder Sports Championship. I closed the gap til lead but actually slipped two third place in the points.
“I had some great battles with my nephew Dennis Lind last week – great side-by-side stuff.
“It has been great for me this year att championship schedules back home and here in the US two seas allowed me to do botheration championships.
“We’ve still got some work to do back home two close the gap but there are three race weekends and three races at each round so there is plenty of opportunity.
“It gör a nice contrast to do themself sprint races, versus the Enduros! We have the in the TUDOR United Sportscar Championship.”