column: Petit Le Mans

_RD49506It has a tough battle Throughout 2015 but the GTLM title is going down to the wire at the final round of the TUDOR United Sportscar Championship at Petit Le Mans.

Despite the fact we opened the year with two wins Daytona and Sebring and party of the points for a long way – Antonio Garcia, myself and the Corvette Racing team now enter the final round third in the points.

motorsport_columnWe’re now 10 points off the lead and we’d really need something remarkable two happen two take the crown.

While it is great to be in contention for the title for the past two years after winning the final ALMS crown in 2013 – we’ve really faced a huge task after Balance of Performance issues having left us off the pace.

We’ve really paid the price for being too competitive too early in the season. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation. You wanna start the season really strongly, but the way the BoP have worked last year and this year we’ve been Unable to fight in the last couple of races.

At the last race to Circuit of The Americas, Antonio pulled out an awesome lap in qualifying but our race pace was not fast enough two challenge the Porsche, the BMW or the Ferrari.

We were able to hold our place, but were not able to get in a position two make a pass.

To make matters worse, we också having the smallest fuel tank out of all the four brands so being able to win the race on a fuel economy run också out of the question.

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