VIR column


By Jan Magnussen

I’m not going to forget last Sunday in a hurry – what an amazing day that was a mad roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Things obviously got off to a nasty start with Kevin’s accident. I obviously try to keep up with Kevin’s progress even if I’m racing.

Jan-Magnussen_-'Seeing-Kevin's-crash-video-was-pretty-worrying'The Formula 1 race started right at the same time as the warm-up at VIR, so when you look down at your phone and start reading the news it is pretty alarming. I spoke to him just after he was coming out the medical center, and he said everything was fine so that was comforting.

What wasn’t comforting was watching the video… My state of mind would probably have been better had I not seen it!

He was pretty sore, obviously, but very confident he is going to fine and ready for Monza this week.

As a father, whether your kids are three or 23 they are always on your mind and seeing something like that is pretty worrying.

Once I got in the Corvette for our race however, it was time to focus on my race.

We had tested during the week at Road Atlanta and made some very good progress. It wasn’t like we found a new magic setting or installed new ‘go fast’ bits that made the car quicker, we just learned how to get the best out of what we had.

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